LARGE CATERING KIT - Woodgrain - Choice Food Signs

LARGE CATERING KIT - Woodgrain - Choice Food Signs


THANK YOU for your interest in using Choice Food Signs!  You are obviously here because you care greatly about your diners with dietary needs, and can see how Choice Food Signs will make catering more convenient and safe. 

Large Catering Kit includes:

10 x Catering Signs - Savoury Foods

10 x Catering Signs - Sweet Foods

1 x Catering Sign - Reserved

21 x Stainless Steel Display Clips

1 x Erasable Black Marker Pen

1 x Allergen & Dietary Reference Guide

1 x Plastic Storage Box

Whether you know a little or a lot about allergy catering, we also highly recommend government endorsed FREE online training at to complete the package.  

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Choice Food Signs.

Creating more "Yes!  I can eat that!" moments.