Terms of Use


Please read and examine closely the following terms and conditions before use of this product.  On commencing use of this product you will be bound by our terms and conditions of sale.  If you don't agree to these terms, please return the product before use.  


"ChoiceFoodSigns.com" and “ChoiceFoodSigns.com.au” and "AllergyCateringLabels.com" and "AllergyCateringLabels.com.au" are doing business as "Choice Food Signs by Wendy" located at Stafford Heights, Qld  4053, Australia. 

Choice Food Signs are copyright.  Choice Food Signs were created in 2009.  They have been developed and proven over 9 years of use and this has resulted in a very effective product.  

I have an approach of "there's always room for improvement" and welcome customer feedback so you get the best product possible.  My motto is "treat others as you would like to be treated" eg. look after allergic diners as if it were you.  

Terms of Use - Diner Safety

Use of Choice Food Signs products is conditional to the following terms and conditions (diners' safety and your reputation depends on it):

  1. You must follow Choice Food Signs pictorial "How to Use" instructions, as displayed on Choice Food Signs website and included in Choice Food Signs' Allergen Reference Guide.   Check all ingredients against Food Standard Australia and New Zealand (F.S.A.N.Z.) allergen lists supplied.
  2. Whether you know a little or a lot about allergens, we highly recommend you complete the FREE, government endorsed, online training located at www.foodallergytraining.org.au.  This training covers:
    • identifying the top 10 allergens
    • avoiding cross contamination for allergens
    • the importance of adhering to recipes
    • how to store foods safely
    • how to create and use an allergen matrix
    • how to handle customer requests
    • business competency certificate provided
  3. In spite of how great we think our product and advice is, ultimately customer safety depends on you: see above.
  4. Please note: "May contain traces" statements on processed foods should be treated as if the allergen were present.  Due to the limiting nature of these products I suggest using an alternative product, or fresh made ingredients, that are allergen free.  I find the best and safest rule of practice is: "Treat others as you would like to be treated in that situation" - we all deserve to have safe food to eat.  If you choose to include these products in your selection be sure to indicate the allergen risk.
  5. Be mindful: Choice Food Signs products are not toys - children are to be supervised at all times.  Small parts pose a choking hazard. 

Thank you for your vigilance - your diners will appreciate it! 

(Our Terms of Use are also included in our Allergen Reference Guide)

Price and Availability

If our product is listed incorrectly by price, model or is out of stock, we reserve the right to allow you the opportunity to accept a new price, accept a substitute or cancel your order. We will, of course, do our best to contact you regarding a substitute. If your credit card or PayPal has already been deducted, we will issue a credit.  If our inventory levels were off and a product is out of stock, Choice Food Signs does not accept responsibility for compensating you for products that we fail to supply.

Product Descriptions and Images

Choice Food Signs reserves the right to alter, or change from time to time, descriptions, product information, product images or prices without notice to you.  While Choice Food Signs strives to ensure the accuracy of product information on this website, vendors occasionally alter products, packaging or components without updating the website. Actual products and packaging may differ from the descriptions contained on this site. While aesthetic design changes may occur, function of the product remains the same. 

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