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Choice Food Signs by Wendy

Catering kits with reusable, multi-allergen, free-from, food service labels, display clips and Allergen Reference Guide.  Suitable for home and business. 

An Australian business started by an allergy Wife and Mum creating more "Yes!  I can eat that!" moments.

Today more diners need to know what's in your food due to dietary needs.  Choice Food Signs by Wendy work for you, and your diners by clearly communicating ingredients and allergens, enhancing what you do best - serving great food in a safe manner.  A win-win solution.

Choice Food Signs by Wendy are suitable for:

  • Bistro
  • Buffet
  • Bakery
  • Business Conference Catering
  • Cafeteria, Dining Hall, Canteen
  • Salad Bar & Dessert Bar
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Any catered event!

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) require that all fresh food have allergens and ingredients declared upon request by the customer.  To be industry compliant and meet this requirement most effectively, Choice Food Signs can be attached to each food container at point-of-sale clearly indicating which allergens your foods are free from - a great selling point - and provides instant access to ingredients listing on the rear of each label. 

Our labels will save you valuable time (and that of your food service staff) answering customer queries without a word being spoken.  In peak times, noise and time constraints mean diners are more likely to choose food that has known content over other options.  Written food details also eliminate miscommunication due to noise and staff/customer accents. 

Accurate and fast information is crucial to your diners safety and comfort.  Our Caterers Kits include reusable, multi-allergen,  free-from, food service labels with display clips, erasable pens and an Allergen Reference Guide - as illustrated below.

Over the past 9 years our experience has been that diners respond very favourably to having this information visible at point-of-sale, and their confidence in your understanding their needs is firmly established - evident by instant take-up and repeat custom.  See below how to use Choice Food Signs by Wendy to create more "Yes!  I can eat that!" moments for your customers.

Free Allergy Training!

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for Food Safety Supervisors:

Whether you know a little or a lot about allergens, we highly recommend you complete this FREE, government endorsed, online training. 

This training covers:

- identifying the top 10 allergens

- avoiding cross contamination for allergens

- the importance of adhering to recipes

- how to store foods safely

- how to create and use an allergen matrix

- how to handle customer requests

- business competency certificate provided


Your diners will thank you!

Choice Food Signs by Wendy

Features Overview

 Choice Food Signs by Wendy have been tried and tested since 2008, bringing you a product that makes catering a real crowd pleaser. 

Suitable for buffet, bakery, bain-marie, cafeteria, salad bar, dessert bar, and event catering - we're confident our reusable, multi-allergen, free-from, food service labels will be an asset to you whether you are a commercial caterer or home host. 


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Relevant & Reusable

Relevant: 1 in 10 Australians have food allergy and about one third of diners avoid particular foods due to allergy or food intolerance - you can capture these potential diners by using Choice Food Signs by Wendy.  Win diner confidence by declaring what your food is - and isn't.  With Choice Food Signs diners can see at a glance what your dish is (hand written or 12mm Dymo label) and whether it is free of any of the 8 major allergens: dairy, egg, gluten, lupin, nuts (tree nuts & ground nuts/peanuts), seafood (fish & crustaceans), sesame and soy, as well as vegetarian requirements.   A full ingredients list can be recorded on the reverse (hand written or adhesive label) and there is space for a use-by date. 

Reusable:  Choice Food Signs can easily be erased and updated if your menu or recipe changes - eliminating the need to order new food signage.  A good quality dry erase pen is supplied and the labels can be reused hundreds of times providing a high return on investment.

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Durable & Designed for ease of use.

Durable: Our point-of-service food labels are made of food-safe polypropylene which can withstand  temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees Celsius making them suitable for use in bistro and other hot food service.  Choice Food Signs by Wendy are tough yet flexible, resisting cracking, and are long lasting.  The stainless steel display clips can withstand high temperatures, moisture, and rough handling.   

Designed for ease of use:  Our multi-allergen food signs are easy to fill out, easy to read, and easy to display at point-of-service.  The display clips we supply are versatile and can be used to attach the food signs to your food service containers, or folded and used as a free-standing table top sign.  To complete the kit, a handy allergen quick reference guide is provided to aid you in filling out your labels correctly to ensure your diner's experience is incident free.  Our aim was for Choice Food Signs to be a win-win for both you and your diners.

F.S.A.N.Z. - administers requirements for foods

Compliant & Convenient

Compliant: Choice Food Signs declaring both allergens and ingredients fulfill Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) fresh food requirements to provide allergen content and ingredients on request.  Our Allergen Reference Guide equips you to assure your customer's dining safety through clear indication of your food content using Choice Food Signs by Wendy.

Convenient for you: Our point-of-service signs can be filled out at your convenience before food is served, then later watch them pay dividends when your food service staff are at their busiest.  Choice Food Signs answer customer questions for you, eliminating the need to obtain information when you can least afford the time. 

Convenient for customers:  Our catering labels create diner confidence due to clearly promoting the dietary compliant features of your food, while enabling your diner to be as inconspicuous as possible.  Make your diner feel valued and equip them to make safe food choices by using Choice Food Signs by Wendy.  


Choice Food Signs by Wendy

Helping Home Hosts!

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Be the hostess with the mostest...

Whether you have a family member with allergy and you are celebrating a significant event, or you simply want to be inclusive of all your guests' dietary needs at your upcoming get-together, Choice Food Signs by Wendy will put  everyone at ease about their dining choices.  

Simply by labelling the great food you already make, will enable guests to see at a glance which delectable items are free from allergens and safe to eat, and ensure that your time in the kitchen will be best appreciated.  Understated and elegant, Choice Food Signs by Wendy will compliment whatever theme you have chosen.  

Choice Food Signs by Wendy are suitable for:

  • Neighbourhood Street Party
  • Australia Day BBQ
  • Birthday Party
  • Easter
  • Bake Sale/School Fete
  • Engagement Party
  • Bucks/Hens Party
  • Wedding Reception/Funeral Wake
  • Combined Lunch, Pot Luck
  • Food Stalls - Markets
  • Baby Shower
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Re-union Party
  • Graduation Party
  • School Break-up Party
  • Hannukah Celebration
  • Christmas Get-together
  • New Years Eve Party
Any food event!
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Creating more "Yes!  I can eat that!" moments.